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Secure Data Erasure Management with Hosted Erase

Revelations of data leaks are now part of the daily business news.  Whether large Internet providers or telecommunications companies or the customer database of a global player are affected – the statistics show alarming figures regarding the frequency and success of cyber attacks and attacks on sensitive information from illegal data collectors.  This increases the pressure on large corporations and companies that are obligated to protect and prevent their electronic …Read More

New EU legislation puts pressure on businesses to erase data

The impact of the Snowden scandal has only added to the need for the EU to increase the minimum security expectations for companies’ networks and personal data protection. The big problem is finding a way to manage information in a responsible and effective way. From high-level government information to the credit card details of an Amazon shopper, the digital network is crammed full of confidential data, and its volume and …Read More

Putting your data to rest

We are often contacted when clients need to retrieve data that has become inaccessible through a hard drive crash, accidental deletion or one of a myriad of other scenarios.  Where do people go if they absolutely, positively want their data destroyed or their hard drives “erased?” Flip the coin When it comes to protecting your most sensitive electronic information, creating a clear data disposal policy is equally important to having …Read More

GDPR – Will On-site Data Erasure be a Must?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has officially gone into effect and many companies are now adopting their data protection and business continuity plans to these new rules in order to avoid the massive fines for non-compliance.  For most companies, these fines can be  life threatening, with up to four percent of the total worldwide turnover, every aspect of the law has to be checked and if necessary to be …Read More

GDPR – 8 things you should be doing now to prepare

With the approval of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the European parliament on April 14th, almost every company doing business in the member states of the European Union need to comply. (Great Britain and Denmark have negotiated several exceptions in justice and home affairs – the regulations will therefore be limited in those two states). For every other member country the regulation is now valid and its rules …Read More

Secure deletion of data – comparison of degausser types

Reasons to securely and permanently delete data As we have discussed in this blog previously, there are several reasons why corporate and private computer users alike have to delete their stored data. For corporate, storing data beyond the data lifespan can cause unnecessary costs and in several cases, it is even mandatory to securely erase the data after a fixed time period. Additionally, when a firm wants to change their …Read More

Data Deletion Methods Are Not All Equal

Not all attempts at data deletion are successful. We recently released a study with our trusted erasure software partner Blancco Technology Group where we purchased 122 pieces of second-hand equipment (mobile devices and drives) randomly selected from Amazon, eBay and Gazelle. On a total of 48 percent of the media purchased, residual data could still be retrieved. The small selection of mobile devices housed thousands of files (emails, call logs, text/SMS/IMs, …Read More

Fact or Fiction: Data Management Answers

How did you do on our last blog’s quiz? If you didn’t take it, please do before reading any further. If you did take it, let’s score your answers to see if you are a Data Management Expert. Fact: Providers following the ISO27018 code of practice must adhere to six principles (data control, data use, data protection, quality of cloud services, access to data by authorities, and validation by a …Read More